The second annual Lone Star Ruby Conference was held September 4-6, 2008 in Austin, Texas. YELLOWPAGES.COM and Peep Code Screencasts sponsored the video recording of the conference. This was not our normal gig. At the last minute, it was decided that Confreaks would provide some equipment and resources to assist Mopac Media, who also recorded last year's Lone Star Ruby Conference.

We also teamed up with RailsEnvy to share their 21 minute version of the conference. It is a great overview, and it links back to all of the full presentations.

Video Podcast: RSS Miro

Conference Schedule

Presenter(s) Title Time
Bruce Williams The Next Ruby 05-Sep-08 9:15
James Edward Gray II Hidden Gems 05-Sep-08 10:15
Rein Henrichs Ruby Best Practice Patterns 05-Sep-08 11:15
Jake Scruggs Using Metrics to Take a Hard Look at Your Code 05-Sep-08 1:30
Wynn Netherland Javascript Frameworks with Ruby 05-Sep-08 1:30
Steve Sanderson Care and Feeding of Ruby Developers 05-Sep-08 2:30
Eric Mahurin Grammar - A BNF-like Ruby DSL for Parsing 05-Sep-08 2:30
Jeremy Hinegardner
Fernand Galiana
Building and Managing a Ruby Infrastructure 05-Sep-08 4:00
Brian Cooke Creating Desktop Applications with Ruby on Mac OS X 05-Sep-08 4:00
Mike Subelsky Ruby in the Cloud 05-Sep-08 5:00
Bruce Tate Unconventional Wisdom 05-Sep-08 5:00
Evan Phoenix Double-click to wow 05-Sep-08 7:30
Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto Ruby Past, Present, and Future 05-Sep-08 8:00
Yehuda Katz Using jQuery with Ruby Web Frameworks 06-Sep-08 10:00
Tod Beardsley Packet-Fu with Ruby 06-Sep-08 10:00
Francis Sullivan Tips and Tricks for Tweaking and Using Ruby and rails for a Distributed Enterprise Application 06-Sep-08 11:00
Dan Yoder Resource-Driven Web Development with Waves 06-Sep-08 11:00
James W. McGuffee, Ph.D. Ruby in the Computer Science Classroom 06-Sep-08 1:20
Mike Perham How not to Build a Service 06-Sep-08 1:30
Lance Carlson Ruby Anvil: The Desktop Application Framework 06-Sep-08 1:30
Yehuda Katz Merb: The Pocket Rocket Framework 06-Sep-08 2:30
David Richards Scientific Computing with Ruby and Tegu formerly (GSA) 06-Sep-08 2:30
Jeffery L. Taylor What's Ruby doing in an Java IDE like NetBeans? Lots! 06-Sep-08 4:00
Jim Mulholland Ruby and Virtual Teams 06-Sep-08 4:10
Matthew Todd Ruby without Borders 06-Sep-08 4:20
Glenn Vanderburg Tactical Design 06-Sep-08 4:30
Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto, Dave Thomas,
Evan Phoenix, Yehuda Katz,
Glenn Vanderburg,
Moderated by Hal Fulton
Ruby: Designers, Producers & Consumers 06-Sep-08 7:00

Presenters retain full rights to the content of their presentations, and have released them under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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